Kei MACDONALD (ケイ・マクドナルド)


K.D.S is kniting design studio that strted business since 1993, and the brand named “Kei MACDONALD” starded at 40Degrees exhibition in London.UK in 1998.

After designer moved to japan, established  “K.D.S Kei’s design studio co.,ltd” based on Tokyo,and now product apporoximately fifty of new collecion for every per season.

The concept of brand are use original garments and a unique elaborated design made by handfram knitting machine. We basically prefer a sustainable material for example linen thread,cotton,bamboo, alpaca,shetland wool,mohair, etc… rather than plastics material.

We are very pride of our handmade technique such as crochet,needle works and handflamed garments that made by our exclusive hight skills Japanese knitter.